Kallis Nikolaos was born in 1964 in Ioannina where he resides also today.

  • Faculty of silversmith’s trade Organization For The Occupation Of The Work Force of Ioannina (1979-1982)
  • Seminars in Father’s Meletios workshop in Mount Athos (1987)
Individual reports (interior – exterior) / Works:
  • 1990: Intellectual Center “Parnassos”, Athens
  • 1993: Town hall [Stoytgkardis], Germany
  • 1999: Intellectual center of municipality of Igoumenitsa , Greece
  • 2000: Intellectual center of municipality of Ioannina, Ioannina
Collective reports of (interior - exterior)/ Representations / Concerts:
  • 1985: Continental, Academy of Ioannina, Ioannina
  • 1992: Philological association “Parnassos”, Athens
  • 1996: Intellectual center of Spata, Spata
  • 1997: Greek Embassy of Rome, Rome
  • 1999: Intellectual center of Athens "Melina Merkoyri"
  • 2000: Israel (for the 2000 years of Orthodoxy)
  • 26-28 May 2000, Patmos II΄ Congress "the Orthodoxe Ecclesiastical art in Greece today. Tradition-development", Organization: EU. T.E
  • 17-20 October 2003, Santorini "the mural in the Greek area and in the regions of Greek effects", Under the aegis of Ministries of Culture and Aegean, Organization EU. T.E
Collections, Museums, Arts galleries where stands the works of the artist:
  • Art gallery Averoff, Metsovo
  • Tossitsa’s Institution , Metsovo
  • 8th Division, Ioannina
  • Kakavia’s outpost,
  • Officers Club, Ioannina
  • Company of Continental Studies, Ioannina
  • Museum of department of History of Medicine, [Giannena]
  • Private collections in Greece and abroad (Canada, Germany, U.S.A, England, Belgium.)
Professional activity:
  • 1980-1983: Foundation of workshop of silversmith's trade (drawing and manufacture).
  • 1982-1988: Foundation of workshop of woodcraft.
  • 1988: Foundation of House of art (painting and hagiography).
  • 2001: Foundation of Faculty of Hagiography.
Other activities:
  • Creation of monuments for fallens in the municipalities of Selli, Dodoni ecc.
Member of many national and international organizations relatives with figurative art:
  • Member of Chamber of Figurative arts Greece
  • Member of Panhellenic Association of hagiographers
  • Member of artistic committee of Ioannina’s Prefecture
  • Member of Company of Culture
Awards - Distictions:
  • 2000: Award from the association of Greek Man of letters for the offer in the literature and in the art
Presentations that concern the work of the artist and have been published:
  • 1989: Ipirotikos Agon No.17.332, p. 7.
  • 2000: Dodoneon Kinon No. 9, p. 7.
  • 2000: Nei Agones No. 1647, p. 7.
  • 2000: Dodoni, No. 2, p. 5.
  • 2007: Image magazine No.15, p. 236.
  • 2007: VIP magazine No. 22, p. 106.
  • On television: ΕΤ 1, I.T.V, T.V.1, Preveza’s Radio ecc.
Placements of work in public spaces:
  • Works of the artist adorns a lot of commercial shops in Greece (Ioannina, Athens, Thessaloniki.)
  • Portable pictures and murals stands in Holly Abbeys.: Holly Abbey Petraki (Metochi of kavouri).
  • Saint Apostles (Nikea, Athens)
  • Saint Nektarios (Kifissia)
  • Saint Eleftherios (Aigaleo)
  • Saint Raffael (Samos)
  • Saint Serafim (Ioannina) and in other 120 temples in Greece.